Primary questions

Tenkte kanskje bare det hadde vært morsom for dere å se hvilke spørsmål Samerådet (altså Mattias) mener er viktig å stille til Sverige under deres «eksamen» på fredag. Dette er spørsmålene som vi forsøker å pushe på andre stater, slik at de kan stille dem under Sveriges review på fredag.

Primary questions to pose to Sweden at the 8th session of the UPR Working Group, 3-14 May 2010 (Sweden’s review is tentatively scheduled for the afternoon session, Friday 7 May)

  1. a)  Is it correct that Sweden does not provide indigenous Saami reindeer herding communities with any legal aid in court proceedings concerning rights to their traditional land, and that this has resulted in reindeer herding communities having to give up their grazing land because of lacking financial resources to defend their rights in courts of law?

b) Is it correct that in such land-rights cases, Sweden places the entire burden of proof on the reindeer herders, even if sued by Swedish title-holders?

2. a) In its report to the UPR Working Group, Sweden declares that it “takes seriously the concluding observations of [UN treaty bodies]”. In light of this information, what has Sweden done/ plans to do, to implement such concluding observations pertaining to the indigenous Saami peoples’ land rights, in particular on the matters raised in question 1?

b) Sweden has on numerous occasions stated to UN treaty bodies that it would address Saami land rights issues in a Bill recently presented.  Did Sweden at all address Saami land rights in the said bill? What legislative acts does Sweden plan to take to address Saami land rights?

3. Is it correct that Swedish authorities (Länsstyrelsen i Norrbotten, 3 April 2009, 551-7954-08, in particular p. 16) has stated that if the indigenous Saami community’s reindeer husbandry cannot be reconciled with a wind-mill park, the Saami community should still be forced to give up 26 % of its winter-grazing land, even if this meant that reindeer herders have to give up their traditional livelihood practiced since time immemorial?


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